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Near Nehru Middle School, Karaikudi Road, Athangudi

Who We Are

Sun Flower Tiles is one of the best and most authentic producers and suppliers of this heritage tile. We sell a more colourful product with a unique design. These tiles have been used in the Chettinad area for more than 100 years. Many families in the village are involved in tile making, and they depend on this craft for their livelihood. This traditional craft has been handed down from older to younger hands from generation to generation.

Athangudi tiles can be customised to fit any geometric pattern, floral motif, or freestyle design. Athangudi tiles give a smooth finish as they are prepared on a glass plate. Even so, they offer a non-slippery surface, making them ideal for installing in all parts of the home. Because these are well-cured cement tiles, they add a "wow" factor to any floor without requiring regular maintenance.

traditional athangudi tiles